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Haken Audio Continuum Half Size

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Expressive Playing

The Haken Audio Continuum allows you to fully experience expressive playing and performing. It offers you a level of expressiveness not found on other MIDI keyboards, controllers, and synthesizers. Featuring 3 dimensions of touch, the Continuum fingerboard opens you up to a whole world of expressive playing. The Continuum allows you to easily add tremolo, pitch bend, vibrato, and volume changes. Combine different pressure amounts with left and right wiggling, and up and down sliding to unlock a new experience of playing. The Continuum allows you to easily slide between notes for a glissando or vibrato effect, apply pressure to change volume and velocity, and even slide up and down notes to control effects parameters such as filter cutoff. Achieve vibrato and pitch bend with your own dynamic touch rather than using modulation wheels and rotary knobs to control effects. When playing a chord, you can control the volume of each separate note by sliding up or down the pad. Additionally, the 3 directions can be customised to different parameters such as the filter cutoff, volume, and more.

Control External Synths and Software

The Continuum allows you to control both external synthesizers, as well as digital synths via MIDI. This allows you to play your synths like never before. Connect up your synth via MIDI to take expressive control of your synth. You can also split the playing surface of the Continuum into 2 zones, which allows you to have one synth on the right side, and another on the left. Pressure and front-to-back can be configured for any MIDI continuous controller message.

Monophonic and Polyphonic

The Continuum allows you to play monophonically and polyphonically. When in monophonic mode you can choose between legato, re-trigger, and portamento modes to change the way the notes are played. In legato mode, only the first note has a proper attack, meaning you can roll across the keyboard to create a legato effect. In re-trigger mode, all of the notes you play will have an attack. This mode is ideal for playing arpeggios and percussive instruments. The portamento mode allows you to smoothly glide between 2 notes. This reacts to the relative pressure and can create whammy style effects. When in polyphonic mode you have a wide range of control for modulating the notes. The fingerboard allows you to play a chord and adjust the volume or filter of each note by sliding up or down. It also allows you to pitch bend a single note by sliding it across. The Continuum allows you to play 32 notes simultaneously for the internal sounds, and 16 notes via MIDI, allowing enough room for 2 people to play on the Continuum at once.


  • 3 dimensional polyphonic playing surface
  • Customise X, Y, Z movements to parameters such as filters, volume, and more
  • Control analogue hardware and virtual instruments
  • 32 voice polyphony
  • Nearly 4 octaves (4610 cents)
  • Monophonic and polyphonic modes
  • Split playing surface to 2 zones (eg. different synth for each side)
  • Highly optimised 16 voice MIDI data output
  • Pitch resolution allows for seamless polyphonic glissandi and the ability to microtune intervals on the fly
  • Ultra-fast performance response regardless of polyphony
  • Configurable via surface interaction, external computer editor, or MIDI input
  • Advanced communication to DSP hardware from Symbolic Sound Corporation
  • Pitch processing allows for scalable and non-linear pitch mappings of the playing surface
  • Innovative dual pedal support, including "dynamic" sustain, allowing for continuous depth control of sustained notes
  • Mono modes which allow the user to use multiple fingers to step, re-trigger, or glide between note ranges
  • Adjustable pitch bend range tailors the Continuum's response to your MIDI sound device
  • Pressure and front-to-back can be configured for any MIDI continuous controller message
  • Direct integration with the Continuum voltage converter (CVC) for control of analog synthesizers. Each of the CVC's 16 control voltages has a user programmable formula
  • Configurable MIDI split for playing surface zone setups


  • Pitch Range: Nearly 4 octaves
  • Maximum Polyphony: 32 simultaneous notes for internal sounds, 16 via MIDI
  • Dimensions: 860 x 280 x 165mm
  • Weight: 11.2kg

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