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DigitAize Digital Violin

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Product Description

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Real acoustic violin

The DigitAize uses an enhanced violin from Stentor, one of the most popular violin makers around today. This collaboration ensures that you will have all the benefits of DigitAize’s digital features, whilst also being able to take full advantage of the high-quality craftsmanship from Stentor.




The violin features a carved spruce front with a maple back, sides and neck. The carved construction is indicative of a high quality instrument – you will not be compromising on the quality of the acoustics with the DigitAize. The fingerboard is made of ebony, another feature on good quality violins, and is fitted with the DigitAize integrated unit and sensor.

Natural approach

The great thing about the enhanced acoustic design is that the integration is natural and accessible to musicians who are used to playing the violin. Simply fingering the notes can start producing sounds. This is second nature to you if you’re a violinist, making it an intuitive way to play MIDI notes into your phone or computer.

DigitAize also has a microphone built into the unit. This has the bonus of being able to record and amplify the violin’s acoustic tone, but the really exciting feature here is using the bow. The microphone is able to detect the volume of your bowing and then translate this to the MIDI data.

This will enable you to not only naturally perform the fingering, but also gives you a natural level of control over the attack and volume of the notes with the bow. The integration of the bow to DigitAize’s sensors really sets this instrument on another level to comparable products.




Your performance can be further captured and integrated using the inbuilt motion sensors. You can track your movement on three different axis - making your movements while playing a part of the music. These movements are output as MIDI CC messages, making them ideal for controlling parameters like filters.

Works with most platforms

DigitAize is designed to be accessible to anyone. The DigitAize app offers the simplest set up, once paired with your phone, then the app can be used to play many different synth sounds or other instrument sounds.




If you are more used to working in a DAW, then the VST plugin will enable you to connect your DigitAize to your DAW and use it to control MIDI instruments. This opens up a limitless world of possibilities, as any VST instruments you have in your plugin library can now be played with DigitAize. If your DAW allows for MIDI control of other parameters, such as in Ableton Live, then your DigitAize can become a physical controller for your DAW itself.

Wide uses

DigitAize is so revolutionary because of its range and scope of uses. For live performers, you can add an electronic element to your performances really easily and further enhance the live show with DigitAize's MIDI capabilities. Perhaps you can use the MIDI to control lights or live visuals to accompany your violin playing? Maybe using certain notes or strings will trigger certain parts of a backing track? The possibilities are truly limitless and with the five hour battery life and 10 metre range you will be able to be extremely flexible with this instrument.




As a MIDI controller for producers, it offers a brand new way to play MIDI synths. The violin layout, being vastly different to a keyboard or pad controller, changes how you conceive of your musical lines and can add a unique flair to your writing. Using DigitAize's capabilities as a MIDI controller can also enable you to intuitively add automation to your projects - tilting the instrument can introduce a new way of creating automation curves.




Composers who work in traditional notation software like Sibelius, Dorico or Finale will love the MIDI input features using this instrument. If you’re composing for violin or any string instrument with four strings, then being able to simply finger the notes you want and have them transcribed for you is a game-changing innovation. Many composers will know how difficult it can be to enter notes efficiently in notation software whilst also ensuring the parts are idiomatic.




If your practice is in research, then this would be a very useful tool. Especially if you are interested in augmenting acoustic or “traditional” instruments with electronics. The high data stream and large amount of control you can have over the data that is output by the sensors create a huge potential for new music researchers. Composers may like the extra dimension the digital integration affords this instrument.


Violin specifications

  • Front: Spruce
  • Back: Maple
  • Sides: Maple
  • Neck: Maple
  • Fingerboard: Ebony
  • Tuning pegs: Ebony with Parisian eye inlay
  • Tailpiece: Wittner lightweight
  • Strings: Pirastro Tonica
  • Finish: Oil varnish
  • Accessories: Rosin, bow and case included

Digital features

  • Sensors:
    • Ultra thin haptic sensor foil which covers the fingerboard
    • 3D motion sensors which detect movement on XYZ axis
  • Cable connection: Micro USB to USB type A
  • Wireless connection: Bluetooth MIDI with supplied USB dongle for computer
  • Software connection: iOS app for mobiles, Desktop app, VST Plugin

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