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Etymotic MusicPro Electronic Musicians Earplugs, Clear

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Product Description

Full Description

In The Box

  • Earplugs
  • ACCU Fit eartips
  • Flexible neck cord
  • Filter tool and ACCU filters
  • Cleaning tool
  • 10 batteries
  • Protective case

Adaptive Noise Reduction

The MusicPro Earplugs are the ultimate in hearing protection. Their advanced automatic noise-reduction technology adapts to changing sound levels. Music is dynamic, changing between loud choruses and soft breaks and as a musician you'll want to hear soft sounds naturally whilst protecting your ears against the loud impact sounds. There are two modes that offer different amounts of noise reduction. The first is natural hearing with -15dB reduction when loud. The second is enhanced hearing, delivering -6dB reduction for soft sounds and automatic -9dB for when hearing is at risk. During enhanced mode, the earplugs will amplify music and speech when sound is at safe levels. When active the MusicPro's will automatically reduce sound when needed and then go back to normal during safe levels so you can hear naturally the rest of the time. Hearing will be natural when needed, and protected from loud levels.

Intelligent Technology

These intelligent earplugs ensure you never need to take them out during a concert. Depending on the mode selected, the earplugs perform different functions. For any soft to medium-loud sounds, it will feel like they aren't in your ears. When sound gets louder, the MusicPro's will start to come into play, gradually reducing the transmission until they become effective. For peak SPLs above 120dB sound is reduce instantaneously to protect against sharp and sudden transients. These intelligent, high-fidelity earplugs allows you to hear soft and normal conversation as if nothing is in the ears, until loud sounds start to come into play.

Included Accessories

Included with the MusicPro Earplugs are a range of accessories. Provided is a flexible neck cord, that ensures they don't get lost when taken out of your ears. The filter tool and filters help to prevent ear wax from entering the device, whilst the cleaning tool can be used to keep them fresh. The protective case keeps them protected and together when not in use.

2 Modes Of Operation

Natural Hearing with -15dB Sound Reduction

  • Natural hearing until sound exceeds safe levels
  • Automatic -15dB protection when hearing is at risk
  • Impact sound protection

Enhanced Hearing with -9dB Sound Reduction

  • -6dB gain for soft sounds
  • Automatic -9dB protection when hearing is at risk
  • Impact sound protection


  • Adaptive noise-reduction, automatically adjusts to changing sound levels
  • Lets you hear soft sounds and speech clearly and naturally
  • Start to automatically reduce when detects volume above safe levels
  • Clear communication
  • Provides either -9dB or -15dB protection at the flip of a switch
  • Instantaneously protects from loud, percussive sounds
  • Enhances soft sounds if desired
  • Ready-fit eartips, custom molds are not required


  • Modes of Operation: -9dB / -15dB
  • Battery Life: Approx. 9 days of continuous operation

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