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EBS MicroBass 3 Bass Outboard Preamp

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Product Description

A premium preamp for professional players

Whatever type of bass or style you play, the MicroBass 3 will not only cover you in any situation but it will excel. Made from top-line components, engineered in Sweden, and based on some of the best amplifier designs in the world – rest assured that quality and tone are in abundance giving you a reliable, tour worthy machine.

The MicroBass 3 may look like a lot of dials and lights, but it is intuitively laid out. Both channels have a corresponding colour. White (clean) and black (drive), with the two other grey dials affecting both channels.

There is plenty of headroom available too. With an operating level equivalent to a professional mixing console (+/- 15V), this pre will also be a perfect pairing with any power amp you can throw at it – furthering its adaptability.

A powerful and comprehensive tone sculpting feature set

The clean channel is beautifully voiced and incredibly adaptable, so tuning your sound to any genre of music you play is simple. Featuring a four-band EQ, compressor as well as a character, bright switch - all helping to get you sounding as good as you can.

Are you wanting a classic bass EQ? The character switch will get you there! This gives a vintage 'smile' styled EQ setting by boosting the bass and trebles - giving more punch, articulation which is great for 'slap' style bass players. If you find your bass is naturally quite 'dark' sounding, there is a bright switch which boosts the trebles. This also helpfully leaves out the extra noise, commonly associated when boosting the highs.

The drive channel gives you all the grind, drive, and power that you could ever want. This can be used in conjunction with the clean channel with the blend dial, so you can retain a clean bass tone but have a gnarly mid and treble range. There are some great features here too, notably the 'type' and 'gain' modes. The 'type' mode is great if you want to retain bass in your drive or you can use the thin mode if too much bass is present.

Multi-purpose outputs

The dual balanced output lets you do two things. First, you can tap the signal (post and pre-EQ) simultaneously so you are only ever effecting exactly what you want. Secondly, if you are using the effects loop in stereo, the balanced outputs then become independent left and right outputs, giving huge width to panned effects which are brilliant, especially for the more psychedelically minded amongst you.




Clean Channel


Input Impedance:

  • Parallel mode 1.5 Mohms // 44 pF
  • Serial mode 10 Mohms // 22 pF


  • Gain Range min/max -oo/ +30 dB
  • Gain Peak LED +10 dBv
  • Frequency Response +0 / -3 dB 20 - 20.000 Hz


  • Filter Type Shelving High/Low Pass
  • Gain: Lo +6 dB @ 80 Hz, Mid -2 dB @ 900 Hz, Hi +3 dB @ 7.5 kHz


  • Filter Type Shelving. Gain: +10 dB @ 10 kHz

Filter Section:

  • Bass Filter: Type 12 dB/oct. Shelving. Gain Range +/- 18 dB @ 60 Hz
  • Middle Filter: Type Bandpass Filter. Freq Range 50 - 5.000 Hz. Q - Boost 0.5 - 1.3, Q - Cut 0.5 - >5. Gain Range +/- 12-15 dB

Treble Filter:

  • Type Shelving. Gain Range +/- 18 dB @ 8 kHz


  • Attenuation max 24 dB
  • Compression Ratio max 3:1
  • Attack (80 ) typ
  • Release (80 ) typ 100 ms


Drive Channel


  • Input Impedance 1.8 Mohms // 22 pF


  • Gain Range 40 dB


  • Lo: Type 2nd harmonics soft
  • Hi: Type Symmetrical 2-stage with +18 dB gain


  • Thin/Normal/Deep Pre Drive EQ

Filter Section:

  • Tone Filter: Type 6 dB/oct. Low Pass. Frequency Range 700 - 20k Hz
  • Middle Filter: Type Bandpass Filter. Frequency Range 100 - 4.500 Hz. Q 1.2, Gain Range +/- 15 dB


Effects Loop


Loop Signal Level:

  • nominal -10 dBv


  • Unity (1:1)


Output Impedance:

  • -100ohms

Nominal Level

  • 10 dBv

Input Impedance:

  • >200kohms // 22pF


Phones out:


Recommended Impedance:

  • 32 - 200 ohms


Aux Input:


Input Impedance

  • 20 kohms

Nominal Level

  • 0 dBv


Balanced Outputs:


Output Level

  • Nominal -20dBv

XLR Connections

  • 1-GND, 2-Hot, 3-Cold


  • Pre/Post EQ, L/R Ch. in stereo mode


Auxiliary Info:


Power Requirments

  • Idle 450mA @9V. Max 750mA @9V (with headphones at max output level)

Dimentions (WxDxH):

  • max 168 x 124 x 53 mm / 6.6” x 4.9” x 2.1”


  • 660 g ( 1.5 lbs.)

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